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Your privacy matters

Elsevier strives to give you transparency and control over your data associated with your Elsevier Account, which gives you access to a growing number of Elsevier products:

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Manage your privacy options

Your privacy options

To access the privacy options, please sign in.

  • Profile

    Review your account details and profiles information
  • Activity history

    Manage your activity history on various Elsevier products
  • Recommendations

    Select the recommendations you want to receive
  • Third-party apps

    Check which apps you’ve allowed to access your data
  • Email alerts

    Manage your email alerts for various Elsevier products
  • Saved items

    Manage your saved items for various Elsevier products
  • Reviewer options

    Are you a reviewer? Check the available reviewer options
Manage your privacy options

Here are the privacy options available without signing into your Elsevier account:

  • Elsevier marketing email preferences
  • Cell Press marketing email preferences
  • The Lancet marketing email preferences
  • Submit a request to access or delete your data
Note that the Privacy Center currently only contains a certain set of the privacy options for the products accessible through your Elsevier account. Please check individual products for other privacy options.

Privacy at Elsevier

You can use most of our products without creating a personal Elsevier account and signing in. Registering allows you to use personalized services that provide additional value to your experience. We continually make efforts to remain transparent about the personal data associated with your Elsevier account and the privacy options available to you.

The value of a personal account

Many of our services utilize account activity data (like searching, reading and library building) to deliver further value. For example, reading history and saved searches make it easier to find information again; email alerts help keep you up to date on topics of interest; and personalized recommendations can direct you to content you might otherwise miss. Thus, a personal Elsevier account helps you be more efficient and productive with your research time.

Transparency about personal data

We are committed to being transparent about what personal data we have and how it is used. Furthermore, we are determined to ensure that your privacy options are clear and easy to find.

Choices about privacy options

We aim to keep the choices about the collection, use and sharing of your personal data in your hands. We are working to deliver even higher levels of control than are currently available for each product.

Learn more about privacy at Elsevier

  • See our Privacy Principles
  • Read Elsevier Privacy Policy
  • Accessibility Statement